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Transcor Culture

At a Crossroads

Senior Transportation Specialist Theresa Calhoun takes a new path

CulturePhoto1At a crossroads in her professional career, on the heels of a work furlough from the airline industry, Theresa Calhoun, made a bold move.

“I have always welcomed a challenge in life,” said Theresa. “When someone says that I should rethink things or that I can’t do something, it only drives me harder to prove to myself and the world, that nothing is impossible.”

With a decade’s worth of experience working in corrections, Theresa turned to TransCor.

CulturePhoto3“I began working in corrections in 1994 with the State of Texas,” said Theresa. “Once laid off by the airline, I decided to apply for TransCor.”

Along with her own professional goals, the 51 year old mother of five from Texas, has family responsibilities, personal dreams and professional goals of her own to fulfill.

Get her talking about her children, and Theresa is beaming.

CulturePhoto6“My oldest three children have been successful earning degrees through hard work and my son served six years in the Air Force,” said Theresa. “I have a senior graduating soon and a freshman setting her long term goals for college as well, and my oldest daughter is expecting her first baby soon.”

Theresa is especially excited to be, in her words, a ‘grammy’ soon.

A decade ago she was diagnosed with Lupus, told by doctors she wouldn’t survive long past 50. She’s proven them wrong.

CulturePhoto5“I have shown I can overcome this on my own,” said Theresa. “Sure, some days I struggle. I believe that the things that we are faced with in life are to make or break us. I have taught my children perseverance, and to learn to adapt to life’s challenges.”

Theresa’s thriving most days. Her own therapy of sorts, keeping active in her faith, exercising and being thankful for a career with TransCor.

CulturePhoto2For Teresa, the unknown everyday is the challenge she looks forward to.

“TransCor has been a blessing,” said Teresa “I believe the sky is the limit. I am willing to relocate or whatever it takes to grow with TransCor. “

With thoughts of a retirement still far off in the future, Teresa’s quite content being a mom focused on her children, and pursuing a career to help everyone in the family reach their goals.