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TransCor History

TransCor History

Look how far we’ve come

TransCor came to be in 1990, with the merger of Extradition Corporation of America and American Corrections Transport. Within a few years, we were acquired by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and relocated to our current headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2003, after more than a decade of growth, our passion for public safety and serving our partner agencies resulted in the acquisition of Tri-County Extradition; a California based firm.

Following this period of growth, we took some time to formalize our vision as a company, which we call the TCA Way. Our guiding principles include: Integrity, Respect, Trust and Loyalty. It’s what matters most to us.

Throughout our history, we have risen to the occasion. As we did in 2006 during a 90-consecutive day mass move for the Department of Homeland Security, and through mass inmate airlifts from California to North Fork Correctional Facility in Oklahoma as well as Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility in Mississippi.

Our first international extradition occurred in 2008 with the successful transport of inmates from the Philippines.

In 2010, TransCor reached an historic milestone, having safely transported more than one million prisoners or detainees. In recent years, we’ve focused on aligning resources to better service our partners with the launch of new field offices, coast to coast.

See where we are today:

Adams County Correctional Center, Mississippi
Florence Correctional Center, Arizona
Houston Processing Center, Texas
Nevada Southern Detention Center, Nevada
Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, Ohio
Stewart Detention Center, Georgia
Torrance County Detention Facility, New Mexico

Looking ahead, we remain committed to our guiding principles to always serve with integrity, respect, trust and loyalty. And we expect many more years of leading the way in safe and secure prisoner transportation services.