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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is celebrated this year from September 13-19, to recognize and honor the professional drivers on our nation’s highways and interstates. TransCor, by nature of our unique business model, crosses occupations with two key industries; Correctional Professionals and Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators. And although we are not a trucking company, we are a transportation company with professional drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles and share the road with other motor carriers as well as non-commercial vehicles.

TransCor is very proud to be a part of the 3.5 million commercial motor vehicle operators that support the United States transportation industry. Last year alone, our dedicated transportation staff were responsible for conducting nearly 6000 individual trips, resulting in greater than 2.2 million miles driven and safely transported more than 110,000 prisoners/inmates/detainees/residents. We are currently on pace to see similar numbers this year.

To some, operating a passenger motor-coach may sound exciting. Make no mistake, it comes with a lot of responsibility and takes a special person with great skills, a good attitude, a tolerance for adjustments to schedules and proven experience to do this job. Above all, the safety and security of the crew and passengers is always the top priority. Every commercial motor vehicle operator is a professional within the transportation industry. By definition, a professional is someone in a field that requires special knowledge with established skills, demonstrated techniques and are certified by either a certificate or license. Above this, our staff of professionals provide security during transit unlike most traditional passenger carrier providers.

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank each one of our dedicated commercial motor vehicle operators and I urge every leader regardless of title and position to join me in showing our sincere appreciation for our outstanding professionals.

Thank you for ALL you do for TransCor!