TransCor Vehicles

TransCor is privileged to have in its fleet specifically designed high security prisoner transportation vehicles. These vehicles are designed by engineers and built in state of the art manufacturing facilities maintaining industry safety standards. All of our vehicles are operated in compliance with applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) regulations and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. To complement our fleet TransCor has a comprehensive fleet management department solely responsible for ensuring all TransCor vehicles are maintained per factory specifications. In addition to having internal fleet support TransCor has standardized its internal mechanical components and has established relationships with national service providers to ensure our vehicles are always safe and reliable.

Our current fleet consists of an excess of 80 vehicles that are of the following makes and models:

  • Twelve (12) passenger Ford E350 secure prisoner transportation vans
  • Fifty (50) passenger Thomas HDX secure prisoner motor coaches.
  • Thirty (30), Thirty six (36), Forty (40), Forty two (42) and Fifty (50) passenger International second generation secure prisoner motor coaches
  • Thirty (30) and Fifty (50) passenger Glavel Concord II secure prisoner motor coaches
  • Thirty (30) passenger Glavel Synergy secure prisoner motor coaches
  • Thirty four (34) passenger Motor Coach Industries (MCI) Inmate Secure Transportation Vehicle (ISTV) secure prisoner motor coaches

TransCor vehicles include:

  • Internal secure separation and special management compartments

    Utilizing secure management compartment within the vehicle allows compartments ensure safety and security of the prisoner / detainee as well as staff and the general public.

  • On board state of the art inspection and preventative maintenance reporting system

    This system allows our Transportation specialist to report fleet inspection information back to TransCor headquarters in real time to ensure the fleet is in top operating condition and for compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

  • Mobile communications and GPS Systems

    GPS technology allows TransCor to monitor safety and security while providing real time status updates and internal quality assurance controls twenty four hours a day, 7days a week.

  • Provide compartments for separation or segregation of detainees/prisoners as needed

    To ensure comfort and manage passenger safekeeping requirements TransCor has in every vehicle a system of passenger compartmentalization for safety and security.

  • On board video surveillance

    Not only on board monitoring for transportation specialist, but access from TrasnCor's headquarters for real time monitoring and archive for recall.

  • Secure Wi-Fi

    Beginning in 2013, in addition to GPS Wi-Fi allows TransCor to take advantage of high speed 4G communications and monitoring to all new level.


MCI transport unit
Thomas transport unit
Synergy transport unit
Ford 750 transport unit
Glavel Concord II