The foundation of TransCor’s operation is the safe, secure and reliable transportation of detainees and prisoners. To ensure that this is achieved on each and every transport, all TransCor transportation specialists are required to complete the most rigorous and comprehensive training program in the industry.

All transportation specialists must successfully complete our initial training program. All trainees are certified in First Aid, CPR, blood and airborne pathogens, firearms, and use of force during their basic training.

Following initial training, each transportation specialist will complete on the job training under the supervision of specially trained personnel. This on-the-job training continues the practical application of the information presented during training.

In addition to initial training, TransCor requires its transportation specialists to successfully complete 40 hours of annual in-service training in order to continue their employment.

Training programs cover a variety of subjects including:

  • sexual harassment
  • ethics
  • professionalism
  • prisoner transportation
  • map reading
  • use of force
  • interpersonal communications skills
  • prisoner rights
  • certification courses – such as American Red Cross CPR and First Aid, National Rifle Association Certified Shotgun Course, National Safety Counsel Certified Driving Training. Each transportation specialists receives certificates of these accomplishments after successful completion of the training program.

The initial training is conducted at TransCor’s headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee; however, the in-service training is held locally at each of TransCor's satellite locations.