TransCor Services

TransCor has the detainee/prisoner transport vehicle you need. From a single van to transporters, we have the equipment, experience, and personnel to perform any type of detainee/prisoner transport. From moving a single detainee/prisoner to moving two hundred detainees/prisoners from Arizona to Hawaii, TransCor is ready. From the state of Washington to the Florida Keys, TransCor’s customers are realizing the benefits of a trusted partner in detainee/prisoner transportation.

TransCor leads the private detainee/prisoner transportation industry because we can combine our fleet size of transport vehicles along with innovation and flexibility. For the last 23 years, TransCor has been partnering with law enforcement and corrections agencies at all levels of government. We provide a reliable, convenient service at a cost-effective rate that enables our public partners to focus their manpower and financial resources on their core business.

TransCor Provides a Number of More Specialized Vehicle Services

Fixed-Fee Vehicle Transportation. TransCor can partner with agencies to provide statewide vehicle transports or, similarly, we can provide local detainee/prisoner transport vehicles within the city or county.

Since 1996, TransCor has operated a local transportation detail for West Palm Beach, Florida, handling the transport of approximately 10,000 individuals a year using our fleet of vans and buses. TransCor’s partnership saves the County the full time equivalent of 10 officers each year.

Flex Moves. Sometimes deadlines or medical issues prevent a detainees/prisoners from being moved within our normal ground network. TransCor can help identify a cost effective and efficient way to transport your detainee/prisoners to their final destination. Using both ground and air transportation resources, TransCor will get it done.

Mass Moves. Organizing and performing a move involving multiple detainees/prisoners, whether by ground or air, can be time-consuming, create liability, and be a management nightmare. Leave this responsibility to the experts. This is not something new for our fleet of transport vehicles. In fact, in 2002, we successfully completed the nation’s largest single mass move, which entailed transporting 795 prisoners, within 26 hours, between facilities located in Arizona, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Special Needs Transports. TransCor has increasing experience in the secure transport of detainees/prisoners to and from mental hospitals. Call us and let us help you find a solution to your special transportation needs.

TransCor also offer services for the following:

  • Defined Services
  • DOT Training
  • Fleet Management

For additional information call 800-737-9190