TCA Timeline

23 years of Business . . .

TransCor is very proud of being the industry leader and pioneer in prison and detainee transportation. We pride ourselves on providing safe, secure, compliant and reliable prisoner/detainee transportation throughout the United States.

In August of this year we will enter into our 24th year of business. As we reflect over our past, we are able to continue to refine our operations, fleet, and training programs to ensure we remain the industry leader in quality and reputation.

TransCor America (TCA) Founded (August 01, 1990)

TCA was founded on August 01, 1990 by the merging of two companies; Extradition Corporation of America (ECA) and American Corrections Transport (ACT) to form what in currently TransCor America, LLC. The company was formed to offer our government partners an alternative to prison transportation. The vision of TransCor was to offer safe, secure and cost effective transportations solutions to our government partners.

  • Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) acquires TransCor (Jan '95)
  • TransCor relocates to our current headquarters in Nashville, TN (Sep '98)
  • Sharon Johnson Rion is named President & CEO (Dec '00 - Apr '03)
  • TransCor acquires Tri-County Extradition (Jan '03)
  • Pat McKinney is named President & CEO (Apr '03 - Dec '04)
  • Sharon Johnson Rion is named President & CEO for a second term (Dec '04 - Jun '09)
  • The TCA Way is established (Feb '05)
  • TCA conducts 90-consecutive-day mass move for Department of Homeland Security (Jul '06)
  • First edition of The Road Report is published (Sep '06)
  • TCA begins mass inmate airlifts from California to North Fork Correctional Facility and Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility (Dec '06)
  • TCA opens transportation support operations at the following CCA facilities:
    • Stewart Detention Center (Apr '08)
    • Houston Processing Center (Jun '09)
    • Torrance County Detention Facility (Jun '09)
    • Northeast Ohio Correctional Center (Sep '09)
    • North Georgia Detention Center (Nov '09)
    • Florence Correctional Center (Jan '10)
    • Adams County Correctional Center (Feb '10)
    • Nevada Southern Detention Center (Sep '10)
    • California City Correctional Center (Feb '11)
  • TCA conducts its first international extradition to the Philippines (Jul '08)
  • TransCor concludes all Nationwide Extradition Services (Dec '08)
  • Steve Kennedy is named President & General Manager (Apr '09)
  • TransCor adopts new company slogan "Performance Driven by Excellence" (Sep '09)
  • TCA assumes operational management of CCA's vehicle fleet (Jan '10)
  • TransCor reaches 1,000,000 prisoners transported (Dec '10)
  • Solar Panel's are installed at TCA as the company moves toward a "green" future (Jul '11)
  • TCA begins to introduce new line of fleet vehicles (Aug '11)
  • TCA gains partnership recognition vehicle pricing from Ford Motor Company (Sep '11)
  • Sharon Johnson Rion is awarded the Susan M. Hunter Award by AWEC (Oct '11)
  • Curtiss Sullivan is named President & General Manager (Jan '13)